Wizarding World of Harry Potter ⚡ Universal Studios Japan


Back in October last year, We went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan, and I think this is one of the most memorable experience in my life. As a Potterhead this is a dream come true moment . First of all I have no chance of going to UK to see real places and sets that they shot the movies at and of course I have no chance of visiting Florida, USA where the bigger WWoHP is, so I’m just thankful that this place is just four hours away by plane! I’m gonna try to share how to purchase tickets and some other tips.

Universal Studios Japan or USJ is located in Osaka so if you’re travelling in this prefecture you’re in luck cause you don’t need to travel far. There is a specific train line going directly to USJ that’s why it’s so easy to get there (JR Yumesaki Line).

The theme park usually open at 8:30am up to 9:00pm, the food inside the park is expensive so we suggest that you buy some snacks at convenience stores and save your money for those awesome Harry Potter merchandise.

How to buy Studio Tickets:

So I was not the one who bought our tickets because Wakana arranged this trip while she was in Japan, so I’m gonna teach you guys from how other people did it.

  • Online thru Travel agencies
  • Partner Hotels (ask your hotel if they can arrange your USJ tickets)
  • Ticket booths, on the day that you will visit the park (I suggest doing this, just be early)

Check out the park website for more info: Universal Studios Japan / Ticket

What is an express pass?

If you hate wasting time lining up which can take hours to ride attractions then I recommend that you buy this pass. This is an additional pass that you need to buy aside from the Studio pass. So Studio pass + Express pass = more time to enjoy! This also gives you a time ticket for the WWoHP.

There are many types of express pass and you can see them here including their price:

USJ Express Pass

What is a time ticket?

Okay this is gonna sound confusing but try to read carefully. WWoHP can get so crowded especially on peak days. To avoid over crowding USJ is issuing time tickets so that it won’t cause a surge of people to enter the area (cause it’s not that big). It’s also FREE. You can get these time ticket when you buy an express pass or get it inside the park at the Numbered ticket booth near the “JAWS” attraction. You won’t get lost it’s in the central part of the park.

Disclaimer: We entered WWoHP without the time ticket. I know.. so why did I tell you all those things if we could enter without it? because we were there when there weren’t a lot of people so “just in case” you should know this.

We allotted a whole day for this cause I wanted to spend most of the time inside WWoHP haha, I actually didn’t care much for the other attraction as USJ, well there was supposed to be an Attack on Titans attraction but unfortunately it was done when I went there.

I took a lot of photos cause why not? I enjoyed this trip so much cause everything looks so real, how they replicated the shops and stuff.

JpegHarry Potter everything even the theme song was playing while we wait for the gates to opencimg0047Tadaima!!CIMG0082Oh yeah Hogsmeade in winter!

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Life Update: Changes


So for our first life update it’s all about changes.

First Wakana already moved out and transferred to Subic for her training, although it’s really going to be boring without her here, we’re still thankful that she finally found a job here in The Philippines! job hunting for Japanese people is very tricky in our country it took her loads of applications and interviews before she landed a job. We were hoping that she could find a job in Clark, but unfortunately Subic had a better offer for her. We also had a hard time looking for a good and cheap apartment for her, we did find a cheap one but it floods there so quickly

As for me I was transferred to another shift, I don’t know how I feel about this.. I’m just a bit sad because I’m gonna miss my co-workers from my previous shift. Transferring to my new shift means I can have another  month in a 6am-2pm schedule, so for this part I’m glad. I also need to adjust how I commute to work.. I don’t know we will just try to roll with these changes, it happens whether we expect it or not.

I haven’t updated this blog for a while now, since things has been pretty busy recently. I still have loads of videos and updates from my Japan trip and from our Boracay trip haha. Hopefully i’ll find time to post them.

Can someone teach me how to manage time properly? I badly need an advice



Tagaytay Escape


Wakana was studying English back in Tagaytay Heights for almost two months, when she returned back in Angeles she said that she still have some stuff left at the school because she couldn’t carry them all. I tagged along when she decided to get them back.  The schools owner Junichi-san allowed us to stay in one of the rooms for a night so we don’t need to book a hotel, the place was really quiet and peaceful it’s so much different from the environment here in Pampanga. The houses there were big and has this old and unkept look.

Since we were only staying for a night we couldn’t go around that much and we decided to check one place out that afternoon when we arrived and planned to meet our friend Aya the next day before going back to Pampanga. It was particularly easy to commute via a bus from Dau to Tagaytay, it’s just the  traffic that is annoying so mind your travel time

How to go to Tagatay from Dau Bus station:

  • Ride a bus going to Cubao Farmers Market or ride a bus going to Pasay and get off at Hotel Sogo in Pasay you will find the Cavite-Batangas Bus Station around this area (map below)
  • Ride the bus going to Nasugbu, fare costs around 80-100 pesos.
  • If you want to go to Sky Ranch and the other places nearby it’s okay to get off at NBI Cavite.

I was feeling so tired that afternoon so we just went to the nearest place that Wakana could think of which is Charito by Bag of Beans the place is good for those people who loves class and elegance. The place is perfectly located where you will have the view of the Taal lake while dining. Food wise I wouldn’t say they have the best ones cause I can bet that the menu might just be the same as what you can see here in Angeles City and would cost far less. So far I’d go back here for the dining experience but not the food.

CIMG0298CIMG0296An old house converted into a fine dining restaurantCIMG0285Veranda diningCIMG0264CIMG0265CIMG0283CIMG0286We spotted some instagrammers posing CIMG0287CIMG0292So peacefulCIMG0293CIMG0282CIMG0279CIMG0277CIMG0275Baby Back RibsCIMG0274Shrimp GambasCIMG0273Interiors were on point

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Okinawa Adventures


Shuri Castle is a Ryūkyūan gusuku in Shuri, Okinawa. It was the palace of the Ryūkyū Kingdom. In 1945, during the Battle of Okinawa, it was almost completely destroyed. Beginning in 1992, it was reconstructed on the original site based on photographs, historical records, and memory. (Wiki)

Okinawa has a long history of having Chinese Kingdoms thus most architecture has some
Chinese influence.

JpegSilly pics with Wakanas best friend AyaJpegCIMG1797JpegJpegCIMG1789We just chose to use these life size photo mannequins instead of renting a costume  JpegCIMG1809CIMG1811CIMG1812CIMG1813Tatami floors are so comfortableCIMG1817CIMG1818

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How to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa for Filipinos with Japanese instruction [日本語]


Two years ago Japan decided to relax its visa rules for us Filipinos, many believed that we do not require to apply for a visa anymore; but sadly that is not true we still need to apply but they aren’t as strict as before. So how do we apply for this? There are many types of Visas that we can use, when I went to Japan a year ago I used the “Visa for visiting a friend” which requires more documents but has a higher chance of approval since you are submitting paper from a Japanese citizen which then proves that someone is willing to shoulder some of your expenses in case that you will lack the ability to do so, in short pag kinapos ka. Continue reading “How to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa for Filipinos with Japanese instruction [日本語]”